Lahore, City of Lights

On April 16, The Pakistan Forum and The Big Picture partnered with Muse District and the Johns Hopkins SAIS South Asia Studies Program to host Kaleidescope Pakistan, an exhibit about the old city of Lahore.

The exhibit featured the work of photographer Naureen Bohkhari, a professional portrait photographer based out of Virginia who seeks to dismantle stereotypes of Pakistan by celebrating its architectural heritage through photography. Bokhari’s photographs capture stunning visuals of the inner city of Lahore, which, today, is a bustling city of 11 million people and a thriving center for the arts.

The exhibit also included literary, journalistic, and historical vignettes about Lahore, dating as far back as the 1100s to present day.

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D.C. based writer, foreign policy analyst, photographer, and former White House and U.S. State Department staffer and Afghanistan and Pakistan junkie now recovering at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

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